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Trading Trend Line


The Expert Advisor trades relative to the established trend lines. To do this, you need to put a trend line on the price chart without changing its name. The name of the trend line should always be in the format: “Trendline” space and numbers. This name is always used by default when setting the line, and you do not need to edit it.

Trading on the trend line in the Expert Advisor is represented in two ways: trading on the breakout line and trading on the rebound from the line. The signal for trading is the penultimate bar (fixed), when its opening price is below/above the trend line and the closing price is above/below the trend line. The standard trailing of open positions is also used.

  • Type_Strategy-choosing a trading strategy, for a breakout or for a return
  • MagicNumber – the magic number of orders
  • StopLoss – loss level in points
  • TakeProfit – profit level in points
  • Trall – enable or disable trailing of open positions
  • TStop – trailing stop level in points
  • TrailingStep – the trailing step in points
  • Lot – the volume of opened positions
  • Slippage – maximum allowable price slippage
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