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The Dragon EA MT5 Expert Advisor is based on our proprietary solution for finding divergences on the chart using the AO and AC indicators.When a signal appears, the input goes in the direction of the signal. 

We have selected the settings using averaging, but the Expert Advisor allows you to set the stop loss and trailing stop.  The Expert Advisor works perfectly in sideways movements and catches reversals, but if you are not lucky with the entry point, it is able to withstand large movements against a trade with a small drawdown. 

The recommended deposit is from 5,000 cents or $ 5,000.
The recommended broker on which we use this Expert Advisor:  The partner code is WXXK. All partners rebate from 30% 
You can download the 30 day trial version here

  • TradeMode-Long only, Short only, Long and Short, Trading Off mode
  • TimeHourStart – turn-on time
  • TimeMinuteStart – the minute of switching on
  • TimeHourEnd – off hour, 24 or 0 end of day.
  • TimeMinuteEnd – minute of shutdown
  • Comment – comment on orders
  • Magic-transaction ID
  • Inverse signal – inversion of signals
  • Auto Lot (0 – off, use Fix Lot) – automatic calculation of the lot for each Balance step of the deposit units, if 0-then set the Fix Lot.
  • Balance Step-divider for calculating the position volume when Auto Lot>0. Position Volume calculation formula (Auto Lot*Equity)/Balance Step
  • Fix Lot – if autolot is disabled, then you need to set your own lot
  • Maximum Lot – the maximum initial lot for automatic lot calculation
  • Take Profit – take profit in standard points
  • Stop Loss – stop loss in standard points, 0-disabled
  • Trailing start (0 – off) – enable level trailing stop, 0-off
  • Trailing stop-the stoploss level for the trailing stop.
  • Average Use – use averaging or not
  • Max Orders – the maximum number of orders in the grid
  • Step – the initial step for the first averaging
  • Step multiplicator-the multiplier of the averaging step
  • Lot multiplicator – the multiplier of the averaging lot
  • TF – working period 
  • Show diver use-display the latest divergence on the chart
  • Filter extremum – the minimum number of bars between two extremes when searching for divergence
  • Max signal bars – signal duration in bars
  • Check divergence cross-check that the candle wick does not cross the divergence line
  • Max bars indicators for find divergence – the maximum number of indicator bars to search for the last divergence among them
  • Max bars charts for find divergence – the maximum number of bars on the chart to find the last divergence among them
  • No open new orders by DD % – do not open new orders in the series if the account drawdown is more than specified in the parameter (specify the drawdown as a positive number, for example, 5 )

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Settings in the discussion.

Settings in the discussion.

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