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Introduction to Greendax

Greendax is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to trade digital assets. The platform is one of the first exchanges to offer trading in both bitcoin and Ethereum. Greendax also allows for margin trading and short selling.

The exchange was founded in 2014 by Da Hongfei, who is also the founder of NEO, one of the largest cryptocurrencies. Greendax is headquartered in China and has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. The company has a team of over 100 employees.

Greendax offers a web-based platform as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android. The platform is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Greendax charges a 0.2% fee on all trades.

Deposits can be made using fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Fiat currencies accepted include the US dollar, Euro, British pound, and Japanese yen. Cryptocurrencies that can be deposited include bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, NEO, GAS, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Monero, Ripple, Qtum, OmiseGO, and EOS.

Withdrawals can be made using fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Fiat currencies that can be withdrawn include the US dollar and Euro. Cryptocurrencies that can be withdrawn include bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), NEO (NEO), GAS

Platforms and Technologies

The GreenDax trading platform is available for both web and mobile, and it’s packed with features. For starters, you can view real-time prices and charts for the top cryptocurrencies. The platform also lets you set up price alerts, so you’ll never miss a chance to buy or sell.

GreenDax also offers a variety of tools to help you trade smarter. For example, the order book shows you the current buy and sell orders for each coin. This information can help you make more informed decisions about when to buy or sell.

Finally, GreenDax offers a referral program that pays you commission for every new user you bring to the platform. The more people you refer, the more you earn!

Client Perks

When you sign up for Greendax, you get access to a number of client perks. For starters, you get a free demo account to practice trading with. You also get access to 24/7 customer support, which can be very helpful if you have questions or run into problems. Another perk is that Greendax offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Finally, Greendax has competitive fees and commissions, which can save you money on trades.

User Ratings

When it comes to online trading platforms, user ratings are extremely important. After all, this is the best way to get an unbiased opinion about a particular platform.

In this Greendax review, we’ll take a look at user ratings for this popular online trading platform. We’ll also discuss some of the client perks that make Greendax stand out from other platforms.

User Ratings

Overall, Greendax users seem very happy with the platform. It has a 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot, and most users seem to enjoy the platform’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

There are also many positive comments about the customer service team. Users report that the team is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns.

The only real complaints come from users who have experienced technical issues with the platform. However, it seems that these issues have since been resolved.

Client Perks

In addition to offering a great trading platform, Greendax also provides its clients with some unique perks. For example, they offer free market research and analysis tools that can help you make better-informed trades.

They also have a referral program where you can earn cash rewards for referring new clients to the platform. And if you’re ever unhappy with the platform, you can take advantage of their 14-day money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons

There are many different cryptocurrency trading platforms available today, and GreenDax is one of them. In this GreenDax review, we’ll go over the pros and cons of this platform so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

The first thing to note about GreenDax is that it offers a variety of different trading pairs. This means that you can trade a variety of different cryptocurrencies against each other on the GreenDax platform. This is a great feature for those who want to diversify their portfolio or who want to trade multiple cryptocurrencies.

Another great thing about GreenDax is that they offer a variety of different client perks. For example, they offer a referral program where you can earn commissions for referring others to the platform. They also offer margin trading, which allows you to trade with leverage. This can be a great way to increase your profits, but it can also increase your risk if you’re not careful.

Finally, user ratings for GreenDax are generally positive. However, there are a few complaints about customer service and the platform itself. Overall, though, users seem happy with the service and find it easy to use.

So, what’s the verdict? Is GreenDax worth signing up for? We think so! If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a variety of features and benefits, thenGreenDax is definitely worth checking out.


GreenDax is a user-friendly, reliable trading platform with plenty of perks for its clients. Some of the best features include the ability to trade on margin, low fees, and a wide range of tradable assets. If you’re looking for a new trading platform, GreenDax is definitely worth considering.

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