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About GeckoSoftware.com

GeckoSoftware.com is a website that provides information on Forex trading and broker services. The website claims to be a legitimate and reliable source of information, but some users have raised concerns about its legitimacy.

The website provides an overview of Forex trading, as well as reviews of different broker services. It also includes a section on scam brokers, warning users about companies that may not be legitimate.

Some users have complained that the website is difficult to navigate and that the information is not always accurate. Others have raised concerns about the lack of regulation of the Forex market, which could make it easier for scam brokers to operate.

Services Offered by GeckoSoftware.com

GeckoSoftware.com offers a wide range of services for forex traders, including a comprehensive suite of trading tools, a free demo account, and access to the latest market news and analysis. The company also provides a variety of account types to suit different trading styles and budgets.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, GeckoSoftware.com has the resources you need to trade successfully in the forex market. With our user-friendly platform and comprehensive range of services, we make it easy for you to start trading and grow your account at your own pace.

Legit or Scam?

It is difficult to definitively say whether GeckoSoftware.com is a legit or scam forex broker as there are mixed reviews online. Some users report that they have had success with the broker and been able to withdrawal their earnings without issue, while others claim that they have had problems with customer service and experienced big delays in getting their money back.

If you are considering using GeckoSoftware.com as your forex broker, it is important to do your own research and read user reviews to get a better idea of what to expect. It may also be helpful to speak with someone who has experience using the broker to get first-hand feedback. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to use GeckoSoftware.com or another broker, but remember that no matter which one you choose, there is always risk involved in trading forex.

Advantages of GeckoSoftware.com

GeckoSoftware.com is a forex broker that has been in operation since 2013. The company is based in the Marshall Islands and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). GeckoSoftware.com offers its clients the MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader platforms to trade on.

The advantages of trading with GeckoSoftware.com include:

– A minimum deposit of just $100 required to open an account

– Leverage of up to 1:500 available

– Spreads from 0.0 pips on major currency pairs

– No commission charged on trades

– Fast and efficient execution of trades

– A dedicated customer support team available 24/5

Disadvantages of GeckoSoftware.com

There are a few disadvantages to using GeckoSoftware.com that potential clients should be aware of before signing up for an account. First, the broker is not regulated by any major financial regulator, which could mean that it is more risky to trade with them. Secondly, the company has been involved in some negative press in the past, including allegations of fraud and scams. Finally, there have been some complaints about the customer service offered by GeckoSoftware.com, with some clients stating that it is difficult to get in touch with someone when you need help.


GeckoSoftware.com is a forex broker that appears to be legitimate, but there are some red flags that make us question its legitimacy. First of all, the website is very poorly designed and doesn’t look professional at all. Secondly, the broker is not regulated by any major regulatory body, which means that it isn’t held to the same standards as other brokers. Finally, there are many complaints online from people who have had problems with this broker in the past. Overall, we would advise caution when dealing with GeckoSoftware.com.

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