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What is FxVoodoo.com?

FxVoodoo.com is a free online tool that lets you check the safety of a website. It does this by scanning the website’s source code for known security vulnerabilities. If any are found, FxVoodoo will report them to you so you can take action to fix them.

FxVoodoo is constantly updated with the latest security information, so you can be sure that your website is always protected against the latest threats.

Using FxVoodoo is simple: just enter the URL of the website you want to check, and click “Scan”. In seconds, FxVoodoo will scan the site and tell you if it’s safe or not.

So why use FxVoodoo? Because it’s the best way to keep your website safe from hackers and other security threats. With FxVoodoo, you can sleep soundly knowing that your site is protected.

How does FxVoodoo.com work?

FxVoodoo.com is a website safety checker that helps you to check if a website is safe to visit. It does this by checking the website’s DNS settings, as well as its WHOIS information. If the website is using an SSL certificate, FxVoodoo.com will also check to see if it is valid and up to date.

If you are unsure about whether or not a website is safe to visit, you can use FxVoodoo.com to check it out before you browse to it. This can be especially useful if you are unsure about a link that you have received in an email or on social media.

To use FxVoodoo.com, simply enter the URL of the website that you want to check into the search bar on the homepage. Once the scan is complete, you will be presented with a report detailing whether or not the website is safe to visit. If everything looks good, then you can go ahead and visit the site. However, if there are any red flags, it might be best to avoid it.

What are the benefits of using FxVoodoo.com?

FxVoodoo.com is a website safety checker that can help you avoid online scams and protect your personal information. When you enter your personal information into FxVoodoo.com, we scan the website to see if it is safe. If the website is not safe, we will notify you and provide you with a list of resources to help you avoid online scams.

How to use FxVoodoo.com

Assuming you would like a content section for the blog article discussing how to use FxVoodoo.com:

FxVoodoo.com is a website safety checker that can be used to ensure a website is safe to visit. Simply enter the URL of the website in question and click “Check Safety”. FxVoodoo.com will then scan the website and provide a report on its safety.

If the website is safe, you will see a green “Safe” sign next to the website’s URL. If the website is unsafe, you will see a red “Unsafe” sign next to the URL. In addition, unsafe websites will also have a list of risks associated with them. These risks can range from malware and phishing to fraud and identity theft.

To stay safe online, always check the safety of a website before visiting it. FxVoodoo.com makes it easy to do just that.

FxVoodoo.com review

When it comes to online safety, you can never be too careful. With so many scams and malicious websites out there, it’s important to do your research before you click on anything. That’s why we were interested to see what FxVoodoo.com had to offer.

FxVoodoo is a website safety checker that promises to help you avoid dangerous websites. We were curious to see how well it worked, so we decided to put it to the test.

We started by entering a few different URLs into the FxVoodoo website checker. For each URL, we were given a report that showed whether or not the site was safe. Overall, we found that the checker was accurate in its assessments.

In addition to checking URLs, FxVoodoo also offers a handy extension for Google Chrome. This extension will warn you if you try to visit a website that has been flagged as dangerous. We tested this out as well, and it worked well.

Overall, we were impressed with FxVoodoo.com. It’s a simple but effective way to stay safe online.


FxVoodoo.com is a website safety checker that can help you protect your online activity and ensure that your personal information is safe. We highly recommend using this service to help keep your private data out of the wrong hands.

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