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Exclusive Markets is a new online trading platform that has been receiving a lot of attention lately. In this article, we will take a look at the platform and see what it has to offer to its users. We will also investigate whether or not it is a legit or scam operation, and if they accept USA traders.

What is Exclusive Markets?

An exclusive market is a financial market in which only certain types of market participants are allowed to trade. For example, the New York Stock Exchange is an exclusive market because only members of the exchange are allowed to trade on it. This can be contrasted with an inclusive market, such as the Nasdaq, which anyone can trade on.

The main reason why people set up exclusive markets is to try and increase the chances of making a profit. By only allowing certain types of traders to participate, it is hoped that these traders will have an edge over the others who are not allowed to trade. This can be due to information asymmetry, where the insiders have better information than the outsiders, or due to different levels of risk tolerance.

There are a number of drawbacks to exclusive markets, however. Firstly, they can be difficult to access for ordinary investors. Secondly, they can be subject to manipulation by the insiders. Finally, they can lead to higher transaction costs as there is less competition among traders.

Is Exclusive Markets a Legit or Scam?

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable broker, then Exclusive Markets is a great choice. They are a regulated broker with a strong reputation in the industry. They offer a wide range of tradable assets, including forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. They also accept traders from all over the world, including the USA.

Does Exclusive Markets Accept USA Traders?

Yes, Exclusive Markets accepts USA traders. However, there are some restrictions in place for USA traders. For example, USA traders are not able to trade on the MT4 platform. Exclusive Markets offers a different platform for USA traders that has similar features to the MT4 platform.

Pros and Cons of Exclusive Markets

There are a few different types of binary options trading platforms available to traders. One type is the exclusive market, which only allows members to trade with one another. This means that there is no competition from other brokers or dealers, and this can be both good and bad. Here we will take a look at the pros and cons of exclusive markets so that you can make an informed decision about whether they are right for you.

The main advantage of exclusive markets is that they can offer better deals to their members. Because there is no competition, the broker can afford to be more generous with bonuses, rewards, and payouts. They can also offer lower spreads and commissions because they don’t have to worry about attracting new customers.

Another advantage of exclusive markets is that they are often more stable than public markets. This is because the members are typically large financial institutions or professional traders who are less likely to panic and sell their positions during a market crash. This stability can provide some security for your investments.

However, there are also some disadvantages to consider before joining an exclusive market. First, it can be difficult to get started because you need to be invited or sponsored by an existing member. Second, these markets tend to be much less transparent than public markets, so it can be hard to know what’s going on behind the scenes. Finally, you may not have as many opportunities to trade since the number of participants is limited.


Although Exclusive Markets is a new brokerage, it has made quite a name for itself in a short amount of time. The main reasons for this are its low fees, high-quality customer service, and advanced trading platform. If you’re looking for a broker that can give you an edge in the markets, then Exclusive Markets is definitely one to consider.

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