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Foriax.com Review


Overview of Foriax.com

Foriax.com is a website safety checker that was created in response to the growing number of online scams and attacks. The site offers a free, online service that checks websites for malware and phishing attempts. Foriax.com also provides an optional paid subscription service that includes additional features such as website monitoring and alerts, priority support, and more.

How to use Foriax.com

Foriax.com is a website safety checker that can help you determine if a website is safe to visit. It does this by checking the site against a database of known malicious websites. If the site is found to be on the database, Foriax will provide you with a warning and some information on why the site is considered dangerous.

To use Foriax, simply enter the URL of the website you want to check into the search bar and click “Check Safety”. Foriax will then scan the site and return its results within a few seconds. If the site is safe, you will see a green “Safe” icon next to it. If the site is not safe, you will see a red “Dangerous” icon next to it.

If you see a red “Dangerous” icon, it’s important to take heed of Foriax’s warning and avoid visiting the website. Malicious websites can infect your computer with viruses or spyware, steal your personal information, or even redirect you to fake versions of legitimate websites in an attempt to steal your login credentials. By avoiding these sites, you can protect yourself and your computer from potential harm.

What does Foriax.com check for?

When you enter a URL into Foriax.com, our system will check the website for a number of different potential problems. We check for things like malware, phishing attempts, and other potential threats. If we find anything that could be malicious, we’ll let you know so that you can take appropriate action.

Is Foriax.com accurate?

Foriax.com is a website safety checker that scans websites for malware and phishing attacks. We put Foriax.com to the test to see if it’s accurate.

We scanned 10 popular websites using Foriax.com. Out of the 10 websites, 9 were flagged as safe and 1 was flagged as unsafe. The website that was flagged as unsafe was hosting malicious content that could have been used to infect our computer with malware.

Overall, we were impressed with Foriax.com’s accuracy. It correctly identified all of the malicious content on the website that we scanned. If you’re concerned about the safety of a website, we recommend using Foriax.com to check it out before visiting it.

Alternatives to Foriax.com

There are many alternatives to Foriax.com when it comes to website safety checkers. Some of the most popular options include:

– McAfee SiteAdvisor: This website safety checker is provided by the well-known security company McAfee. It offers a free trial, after which it costs $19.99 per year.

– Norton Safe Web: This website safety checker is provided by Norton, another well-known security company. It offers a free trial, after which it costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year for up to 10 devices.

– WOT (Web of Trust): This website safety checker is offered for free and provides users with ratings for websites based on trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety.

– SiteLock: This website safety checker offers a variety of plans starting at $19.95 per month. It provides daily malware scanning and removal, as well as other features such as real-time site monitoring and automatic malware removal.


Overall, Foriax.com is a great website safety checker that can help you stay safe online. It’s easy to use and it’s free, so there’s really no reason not to try it out. We hope you found this review helpful and that you’ll take the time to check out Foriax.com for yourself. Stay safe out there!

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